Premier Forecasting and Replenishment Planning


Reduced Inventory up to 35%


Improved customer service through fill rate improvements up to 25%


Increased productivity among buyers and planners up to 70%

Customers are Talking

Learn how clients leverage our forecasting and replenishment planning solutions to transform their supply chain into a true competitive advantage

“RockySoft came through with lightning speed. They put 33% of the cost of my inventory back into cashflow…”

Jake Connolly U.S. Musical Merchandise Importer/Master Distributor
Connolly & Co., Inc.

“RockySoft has supply chain grease on their hands…”

Mike Mather Forecast/Product Management Analyst
Bemis Associates Inc.

The Planning Solution

Forecasting Suite
  • Transforming Inventory Management
Replenishment Suite
  • Demand Manager: statistical forecasting and inventory planning
  • Economic Order Manager: service level and inventory metrics
  • Exception Signals: exception-based planning
  • Requirements Planner: purchase and transfer order planning
  • Supply Base Manager: supplier lead-time management

Getting Started with RockySoft

Learn what your optimum inventory levels should be.

Given historical sales, basic item information and your company’s desired service objectives, RockySoft will calculate how much inventory your company should expect to have on-hand.

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Inventory Analysis