Figuring out the right stock levels can be quite a task. You need the right product, in the right location, at the right time — without carrying too much inventory buffer. RockySoft’s Demand Manager (DM) software for…

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Inventory is the lifeline for many organizations — it is the largest asset and often inefficiently managed. In the past, lowering inventory was a short term, cost cutting business initiative that typically led to unhappy…

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Effortlessly Link Sales and Operations. RockySoft’s Sales and Operations Planner Module is a strategic analysis tool used for analyzing the demand plans generated in RockySoft’s Demand Manager and Demand Collaboration…

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Our “Supply Base Manager” is a browser-based application dedicated to monitoring vendor performance. It provides a summary or detailed view of a vendor’s delivery performance. Individual item lead time…

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One size does NOT fit all. That’s why RockySoft provides an integrated set of modules to mix-and-match to best fit your particular business needs. Four Core Distribution Modules Help You Discover, Plan, Procure & Track.

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Count on RockySoft to Transform Your Inventory Management

Easy-to-use applications help you realize how much is enough inventory. Where you can streamline. Where you should stock up. And which products to replenish for the greatest profitability…precisely when.

This is inventory management at its best. Minimize carrying costs, maximize profit. Have in stock just what your customers will want.

CFOs specify it so their companies operate at peak efficiency. Operations Departments find the commanding view of their supply chain something they can all reference – and take action upon.

The whole team comes together with the right information that’s always easy to interpret. Now smart Inventory Management can actually be the lever that gets the whole company in high gear.

It’s a common injunction: be a lean-and-mean company.

Here’s the way to do it!

RockySoft is more than a forecasting or procurement software company-we’re inventory practitioners. We provide analytical and predictive tools to inform our clients in the most comprehensive way possible about their optimum stock levels. You can finally eliminate supply chain uncertainty and predict your best inventory positions for every line item you carry.

With our inventory management software and our incredible client support you can finally understand and anticipate your inventory requirements.

We partner with you to:

  • Trim down your inventory expenses
  • Better anticipate demand for your products
  • Get a handle on the uncertainty of your supply chain
  • Improve customer service levels

How Do You Become Better at What You Do – Fast?

It’s simple, really: implement lean inventory management. And RockySoft will show you just how easy that can be so that you stay focused on your core business.

Our in-depth expertise, market-leading tools and devoted customer support can be your CFO’s and your COO’s secret weapons in the struggle to stay on top of stock.

You will manage your inventory proactively, forecast market demand by the most accurate means possible and manage uncertainty-in supplier performance, customer order volatility and your demand stream.

What Inventory Management Challenge Can We Help You Solve Today?

RockySoft Distribution Software Blog

Achieve More Revenue By Turning Data Patterns Into Better Forecasting

by Brady Curtis, The Resource Group
February 25th, 2015

Many manufacturers and distributors understand that there is a level of uncertainty when predicting customer demands, inventory needs, and revenue. This is particularly true when working with inadequate or disparate, specialty software solutions. Instead of managing the peaks and valleys as…


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