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Having the Right Inventory, at the Right Time

Jeffrey Porter, RockySoft

April 25th, 2012

Providing superior customer service is important to winning the loyalty of customers.  Working with your supply chain and having the ability to stock or order the right inventory quickly is important to keeping customers.  Controlling inventory and supply chain is so important yet fraught with challenges. With the right software, you can enhance relationships with your supply chain, improve inventory management, and improve customer satisfaction.

RockySoft Corporation offers a suite of inventory management applications and services that can be customized to suit your business needs today.  Choose the features or modules that best match your business operations now, and add or change features as you grow or business needs change.  With options for companies of all sizes and nearly all budgets, you can have integrated inventory management software that will turn a common challenge into your competitive advantage.

The inventory management software solutions that RockySoft offers will provide powerful replenishment planning, forecasting, demand and supplier variability, and reporting features that will increase your productivity and profitability.  Controlling inventory levels will reduce the cash you invest in inventory while ensuring you have the products your customers need, when they are needed.  The forecasting features will help you determine what to order and when.  By tracking inventory levels automatically, you will be notified when a material count is getting low, so you can order more in time to fulfill customer orders.  Adding automation to inventory management will save time and improve profit margins.

By spending less time on inventory management, you have more time to spend with suppliers and customers.  Finding high quality products, at good prices, from your suppliers will introduce new inventory options.  Know which suppliers are reliable, can deliver on time, and provide value to your supply chain.  A strong supply chain and controlled inventory management will help you provide unsurpassed customer service.

Maintaining optimal levels of inventory and working with suppliers are common problems for many businesses.  You can work leaner and stronger with a reliable supply chain, have greater control over inventory, and provide superior customer service with the right software solutions.  Contact RockySoft Corporation for details on their suite of inventory management applications and services and you can have the right inventory at the right time, all the time.

By Jeffrey Porter with RockySoft, Microsoft Dynamics software provider for demand planning

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