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Three Tips to Evaluating Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Jeffrey Porter, RockySoft

June 12th, 2012

A supply chain visibility solution can provide several advantages for your company, including higher customer satisfaction and improved forecasting, Robert Clesi writes in “Guest Commentary: Considerations When Evaluating Supply Chain Visibility Solutions” posted on Logistics Viewpoints.  While there are many software options available to suit your exact business needs, here are a few features that you and your customers may look for in a robust supply chain visibility software solution:

1)      Visibility from source vendor to customer:  Supply chains are getting deeper and more complicated.  You may rely on source vendors and distributors to deliver products to your warehouse that are then parted out and shipped to your customers.  If a customer calls, how many people do you need to call to find out where your customers products are en route.  What if the customer needs to make a change to the order – how much more paperwork will that involve?  Imagine a portal that you and your customer could use to track products, make order changes, or determine deliver dates.  The right software can make it easier for a customer to place a new order, make changes to an existing order, or track the delivery process.  A lot of this activity currently takes place on line.  The more that can be done electronically will save you time and enable you to focus on other important tasks, as well as improve customer satisfaction.

2)      Integration with other core software:  Equally important is linking inventory with other enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management, and inventory management software.  Clear connections between financials, warehouse, inventory levels, and sales will help identify trends in sales, best-selling products, and top customers.  Focusing on your most profitable areas will improve sales and drive business growth.

3)      Improve communication and paper trail:  By integrating software, you will create audit trails for your products, reduce redundant data-entries, and reduce the chance for human error.  Streamline purchase orders, shipment notifications, proof of delivery, and inventory levels in as few mouse clicks as possible.  Automating these features will also reduce common bottlenecks associated with the billing process.  The easier it is for the warehouse to share data with accounting, the faster bills get paid and invoices go out.

If you’ve ever wondered why monitoring your supply chain can be such a time-consuming task, then it’s time to determine what software solutions will make your job easier.  Not only will you improve productivity by using the proper software, your customers will thank you.  Contact RockySoft for more information about improving your supply chain visibility.

By Jeffrey Porter with RockySoft, Microsoft Dynamics software provider for demand planning

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